LOWDA is a gift card trading platform for trading unused gift cards for cash. We are the most reliable gift card buyers and our payment system is instant. Utmost customer experience is guaranteed on this platform and every trade is a priority. We support cross-platform trading such that it is available on Web, Android and iOS devices.


Lowda is well-known for its plethora of choices when it comes to gift cards. They are not restricted to one brand. By trading with Lowda, you can sell the following gift cards:

- iTunes Gift Cards

- Amazon Gift Cards

- Steam Wallet Gift Cards

- Walmart Gift Cards

- Apple Store Gift Cards

- Google Play Gift Cards

- eBay Gift Cards

- Vanilla Gift Cards

- Sephora Gift Cards

- Target Gift Cards

- Best Buy Gift Cards

- Nordstrom Gift Cards

- Play Station Gift Cards And many more…

You can sell various countries and various denominations.


With Lowda, it will only take a few minutes to get your gift card turned into cash. The process is even more comfortable with our user-friendly apps with excellent User Interface. You can visit the Lowda support page for frequently asked questions that have been generously answered. You can also contact their support team via live chat or email. Trading with us is as safe as your payment because we do not allow for any third party or mediators. With our trading app, your money will be paid directly to you.

Download our app today if you're an Android User or iOS/iPhone User.